Friday, March 31, 2006

This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Allow me to commence the introduction.

I have decided that today is the day to turn really "doogie houser" and begin a regular blog. Yay bandwagon! The fascinating thing about this is will anyone really be interested in my musings?

Hopefully, it will add to my need for discipline in my new lifestyle. I quit the quid pro quo and at the end of January and was really disciplined the first two weeks. However, now I am sliding quickly into a mish mash of oversleeping, too many ideas, and no one to answer to, plus a shrinking bank account.

So, I am working on building a custom, courture sewing business. I have been sewing since as long as I can recall. I have had one client for whom I made silk roman shades. Absolutely tragically, I did not photograph them, which is unacceptable for a fledgling entrepreneur. Slap my wrist please.

I am also starting to plan my wedding to a gorgeous, brillant, wonderful man. super yay! (yes, bias but honest. I need to decide on a code name since as a teacher he values his anonymity.) That is much of the reason that my mind is swimming with ideas...Ahh a wedding is such a great creative playground! It is also a great way for me to build and update my portfolio... deciding a wedding dress, 7 bridesmaid dress (1 of the 8 wants her mom to make it which she did not get any arguement from me on), 8 groomsmen vests and ties plus one set for groom's dad, 1 boy's vest and tie, and accessories. Then I also want to do my own flowers or have a near and dear arrange flowers that I grow [ I am out of control.]

Also I am a notary signing agent (a notary plus extra stuff). So if you need one in the LA area let me know ;).

An aside: I am sitting in a loverly Starbucks next to a table full of 4 mother hens who have spent one and a half hours talking about the minute details of their high school students lives. Nothing on any other topic for the entire time. I am very proud of my son, who is five, and I am very concerned about making his interests important and being involved in them. However, I have so many other things floating in my head that I cannot imagine partaking in this conversation line [i am definitely bored of eavesdropping]...perhaps that is why i am yet to bond with any of the Kinder moms while we wait to collect our munchkins each afternoon.

Anywho...time to for needle talk...I am very excited to be knitting the monkey from Tracy Chapman's "toys to knit" for my son, or my monkey, to go in his easter basket. I am trying to keep it deeply buried in my knitting bag while he is awake so that it is a total surprise. I also need to go home and block a lace swatch so I can begin on a bridesmaid accessory/gift. I should nudge myself to do a few rows of an intarsia cabling adventure that I would like to complete before the rain clouds disappear and summer comes to stay.
Recently finished is a cardigan for my is lucky that my mom was watching him the day that I finished it, because, if I had been in charge, he would have been wearing it nonstop.


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