Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here Comes the New Year!

Here are my beautiful sweethearts. I would like to share a picture of them where they are all in focus and all looking in the camera, but that is a somewhat unrealistic wish. Bella is wearing her way too cute Christmas dress and the boys are wearing blinking Rudolph noses(as cyborg eyes).

It has been a busy year in which much creating has been done (new baby to new knitting). I am still in the midst of the 52 projects in 52 weeks at anacapaknits, with about 22 weeks to go.

I have lots of things in the works as we prepare for the next set of classes at the store. So, I am going to narrow it down and share a picture of a nearly complete Baby Surprise Jacket that will be gifted to Kevin's coworker when they return from Winter Break. It was my first time making one with a hood; it still needs an attached i-cord around the hood and the rest of its buttons.
Maybe I will feel the urge to share before 2012 begins; if not, Happy New Year! (And, of course, Merry Christmas!)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Sweater time

I have many sweaters to complete in the next two months, at least three. I can do it!!! Of those three, I'm very excited to have started a new sweater for my oldest son; making a sweater for him has reached the point I have been known to fear - I have to make it bigger than a sweater for myself. He is long overdue as I believe that the last sweater that I completed for him was pushing on 5 yrs ago. He can still squeeze into that sweater but it would be best to pass it down the line to Dante and have a new one now.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hold me?

I have begun putting things back in my Etsy Shop, moonlightstitches. I have been searching for a perfect yarn bowl. I don't think that my invention is perfect but it resolves a few things that I had concerns over - weight and durability. This bowl is made from felt and folds up into your notions bag when not in use.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic Con Haul 2011

You question how the contents of the picture possibly could have come from the Comic Con? Well, when we were buying tickets, I gave my Saturday spot to a friend who joined our crew for the day (long story of how their stupid server would only allow you to buy 4 tickets; if you care, then you already know the sorted details). The "con" is an animal unto itself; I was glad to have the day away to go on my own San Diego Yarn Store Crawl.
Wanna hear what all I got? (Clockwise, using the blue yarn at the top as 12 am):
1. Baah! La Jolla Original Handpaint, A Nancy's Notions Doo Dad box, a crossstich bookmark (for Alexander); purchased from the Needlecraft Cottage
2. Scarves, a fun cardigan, and potential small project bag; purchased from the Pink Zone (on the way to the next store)
3. The Wonderful Wallaby pattern by Carol Anderson; purchased from Knitting in La Jolla
4. Alchemy Yarns Silken Straw; purchased from Common Threads
5. LLH Safari, yarn ball point protectors, and Jacquard fabric paints (payment/thank you to my mom for babysitting); purchased from The Black Sheep (GREAT parking and enjoyed the Comic con connection moment)
6. (more) Baah! La Jolla Original Handpaint, Knit Picks Straight US 8 (felt ok buying these from an LYS), and Barb's Koigu Ruffle, a Churchmouse Classics pattern (for which I am likely to use the red Baah!); purchased at Yarning for You
7. Oink Pigment Fingering "Sunny with a Chance of Peaches" and bright coral/orange Lacey Lamb; purchased at Two Sisters and Ewe
8. some gorgeous frosted pink beads (to be used with the Silken Straw in another Isobel) and really cool silver pinky ring with a plait running around the band; purhcased at The Bouncing Bead (next door to Two Sisters and Ewe)

This day was a fantastic day with 3 mini cupcakes and iced coffee for lunch (@ Cups after store 3 and before my 1 hr parking expired). All the stores had their strengths. It is always interesting visiting other stores than your home store; I am seeking an analogy and the best that I can come up with is like your first visit to a new potential friend's home and seeing if you could really hang out. If I had to choose a favorite, it popped up at the end of the day when I visited Yarning for Ewe. I knew that it was going to be a good experience when I saw the sign in the window reading, "P.M.A., Positive Motivational Attitude practiced here." (I am pretty sure that I remembered that correctly.) We had an "it's a small world" moment when they connected me to a beloved customer that is moving to our neck of the woods that I have already had the pleasure of meeting. I felt the same way that I hope she felt when she first visited Anacapa, like I could sit down and be fast friends with all of the lovely knitters at the table (and, if Bella had been nap-able, then I would have). They had Bella modeling adorable baby hat samples and she was in hog heaven with all the cheers and attention. Such a great day; yarn people are the best people.

A close second is Two Sisters and Ewe where Annie let me squeeze in just near closing. If I had been there earlier in the day, then you would also be seeing a sweater size pile of The Fibre Co. Canopy Worsted which they have on sale for 4o% off.

Best part of Comic Con so far!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Time to Take Stock

I have been doing a decent job of keeping my project count from going into overdrive since I started a 52 projects in 52 weeks series at the store blog (even since Bella was born). But it can still have a way of growing unkempt rather swiftly. It was time to clean out and organize the knitting bag - there are 7 projects showing and an 8th project hiding. Pulled them out, tidied them and reassessed which one I needed to work on next, what can snooze for a while, etc.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Red Vines and More - igami

We (being son Alexander and the lady who delivers him to social appointments) seem to have a lot of summer birthdays. I have been having fun decorating these presents with origami creatures. The present that I just wrapped was adorn with three jumping frogs. Since they are best done with an oblong sheet, there were trimmings. The trimmings became tiny froglets that are straight up adorable.

It has been a good time revisiting this hobby that I enjoy from time to time. I searched out a website that has simple animated videos and a wide variety of instructions - the origami club.

I was happy to see that it was also a fun activity choice during the TV-free hours of the afternoon. We loaded up on red vines and both made animals to amuse Dante.

P.S. The crane from this post was remembered via this tutorial.

P.P.S. The froglets on the top picture are playing leap frog.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

R2D2 - Build it aldready

One of Dante's best acts is his "I'm a Robot." So, R2D2 is a big hero in his book. Elisa shared this pattern with me a little while ago and I finally got the juice to whip up a couple.
The pattern is very cute but doesn't give a gauge. After knitting a short fat one with an H hook (went to the XL), I figured out that the unstated gauge is 3 sts/in. Switched to a I hook. I am making two in tandem. As I attached the appliques to the first, I realized that I reversed the placement of the blue and white sts in the final three rows. I left it on Dante's as he was hovering quite closely while I worked away and asking, "Mom, will you build an R2D2 helmet for me? Will you build it?" I fixed those rows on the one that I am making as a gift.
I wasn't sure if my older son would be into wearing one, but he has requested one. There are droids in red so he will get a version in that hue.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Polka Dots

While Alexander made a birthday card for his friend, I was busy adorning the present with this crane in matching paper. I didn't get much knitting done today but I did lots of cuddling, wrapping, playing, feeding, etc. (in any order). My sparkling top is growing,though.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To the North and Back Again

We just returned from a family reunion in the Bay Area. Tons of fun, maybe the most fun that I have had with the Ralph Cozzoli layer of K's family.

On our way back south, we squeezed in a trip to Monterey. We were all going to go into the Aquarium, but I decided that my $29.95 ticket fee would be better saved and redirected to yarn $. So, I sent the boys into the watery experience and I went to visit a yarn store within walking distance - The Twisted Stitch. Dawn, the owner, was lovely and she had a selective selection of fiber goodness. Her store is new-ish and I hope that it grows so that the next time that we take our aquarium detour I can enjoy a visit again. I am very excited about her plans to create a knitted kelp forest. I will share more as I learn more. K is excited to begin work on a few underwater creatures. It is nice to have a marine expert in the house.

My little purchase is pictured at the top, Garden Metallic. It is a lace weight (or no. 10)crochet cotton with a metallic thread. I have started this top from Knitscene, Summer 2011. The yarn is way too light but I figured that since the top is lacy and will call for a tank top under, then why not make the whole thing a bit open.

The following pictures are of my make shift yarn bowls. A Bumpo seems to be quite the handy thing even beyond a baby chair.

Friday, June 24, 2011

No DMV Knitting

I love dmv appointments. I got there at 8:45 for an appointment at 9 am and was all done before my scheduled time. I only had time to fix my brioche sts that had slipped off the end of my dpn while having been neglected.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

Today would be Grandma Lecrivain's 103rd birthday. She was a pretty great lady and the most amazing needleworker that I have met thus far (and, due to personal bias, the best I may ever meet). We miss her. Earlier in the week, I found myself wishing that I could have known her when she was my age. I bet we would have been friends. Once she just happily shook her head at me and said, "That girl's brain is always working away." I was glad she noticed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dante was helping me knit yesterday by chopping up a ball of waste yarn. He had actually just wrapped up trying to cast on with a circular needle and some other scrap. He wasn't happy that his method didn't result in any real sts. Though he is only 3, it might be time to start teaching him for real.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

School Year Out!

Today is my son Alexander's last day of school again. How swiftly the time passes!
For about a week and a half, I have been trying to figure out an end of the year teacher gift. Yesterday, I finally found it - Taffy Pull Scarf. Good thing since it was then due today. I was fringing swiftly this morning. I wish that I could have taken better pictures (and Dante engaging in his sport "you take picture of my hand, haha" wasn't helping). This pattern is great (and fast) and I look forward to making another at a more leisurely pace. I combined all stash, hoping for a delicate effect in fingering weight. I wish that I had had time to replace the white with something more delicate, but, once a stitch was made, it was here to stay.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying to be Back

Sorry for the lapse. I was busy growing another human being and the third trimester was occupied with knitting and napping. She is approaching 3 months old and I feel like I have enough of a handle on the flow of the day to include blogging again. She and her brothers are a great fit and I couldn't be happier with the shape of my family and home. I would like to say that I will now be a religiously devoted blogger, but something will surely slow me down again. For now, all is good (great, even).

I am doing lots of things these days, classes, designs, projects, etc. My main focus is a self imposed challenge on the store blog, I am trying to complete 52 projects in 52 weeks. I have two weeks up and am poised and ready for at least the next two. The reason to care is that whatever yarn I use is 10% off for the week.

Along side of the above project, I have other pots on the fire. I had left over Red Heart from making pom poms for our Relay for Life Booth in a color combo that I am very excited about. I have to say, for what Super Saver lacks in cuddle factor, it makes up for with color choice and durability. And, sometimes, I crave a granny square project.


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