Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I dunno why it takes me so long to between entries...but here I am now.

So, this is the week of my second favorite holiday - Halloween!!!

This pumpkin is the best ever. And the cutest boy ever (ya so what if I am a biased party).

Didn't he paint the best Cat in the Hat ever? I whipped out the hat this morning in precisely 1hr and 10 mins (I started it yesterday but only got the cast on done before time ran out and I needed to be in two or three places at once.)

Last night was tons of was so much fun in one night that I felt very old for being so tired at the end (which was still a fairly early hour thanx to the end of evil daylight savings time). Brillant Ms. Newbill hosted a raging pumpkin carving party with tons of tasty good fall barbecue foods and treats. Then I ran away to a costume party at the Unknown Theatre with a gaggle of cool people hosting. I had the privilege of arriving with the winner of Best Overall Costume - My buddy the Scarecrow.The brave Lion is posing with the ghost of the Wicked Witch. Tin Man spent the evening in the bathroom thus his not being picture here. As for Toto, he was having an important surgery to help his self esteem - look here to learn more about a ground breaking procedure.

I have been doing a lot of knitting but not much is pictured because some of it has to do with gifting and needs to remain top secret. Here is a gift that I can share though. It is forecast to be a baby sweater for my coming niece and is meant to be ready for a shower this Saturday. The heart motif is from a great book - Adorable Crochet for Babys and Toddlers by Lesley Stanfield.


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