Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ArrrrG...or what I have to show for yesterday

A few elements came together to create this bag:
1. A grow excitement with Pirates 2 debuting.
2. A brillant bag originally created by a brillant knitter, Tiffany.
3. A cute pouch created by a cute youthful knitter.

Tiffany's bag is very sweet and elegant - solid cream up top and sage green on the ribbed bottom, with a delicate broach centered in the top half.

The cute pouch has been nicknamed "Cat in the Hat bag" and had alternating cream and agua stripes (rather like thing one and thing two).

I was day dreaming about two things: 1. doing red and white stripes (like the cat's hat...but it then got me thinking about a pirate's shirt), 2. doing this design without any side seams or sewing up (there is a bottom seam but sewing up is avoided with a 3 needle bind off).

Now I am trying a smaller hand bag rather than a tote.
Soon I will post the finished pieces, but I have some patrons to take care of first. ;).


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