Tuesday, June 27, 2006

better than no solicitors

I saw this mat at Bed, Bath, and Beyond originally. So, since we were sprucing up the man's apartment for guests and a bbq this last weekend, there was a need to purchase it. Due to shabby cell phone reception, Mr. C almost turned down my offer to fill his doormat need with it. Sadly, when I got to the store, they were all out. But there was just no not having it; so, I bought a plain one (which was only 9.99 rather than 19.99) and ran up the strip mall to Michael's for some black paint (.50 and a brush for.39). My dear man thought that I had said something prissy like a "how do you feel about a mat that says 'good eve'?", so he was pleasantly surprised to see what the word I painted on his mat turned out to be. Not a bad imitation...plus I prefer it with punctuation..it adds a little more harshness.

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