Friday, September 14, 2007

I Feel Like Reviewing Fall 2007 Knitty...

...if anyone is listening.

This issue of is one of the best in sometime. My basis for judgement is highly scientific - it contains the most things that I want to knit.

I'll start at the beginning:

Muir by Rosemary Hill - I have not really done much delicate lace work but this pattern looks like just the thing I am looking for in a very satisfying lace expedition. Ever since I read that chapter in Yarn Harlot in which she discusses a shawl that reveals sheep as the lace is blocked, I have wanted that thrill of blocking discovery. Rosemary's explanation of her inspiration from Muir Woods also adds on to my list of things I want to visit the next time that I go to the Bay Area. Rosemary also rocks out loud in my book because she has a great tutorial on how to get beads onto you knitting without prestringing which can really save your yarn from added wear during the process. I wish that I had seen this before I made my Odessa cap sans beads because I had to cast it on at an hour that prevented me from running to the store and picking up some sparkle.

Henry by Mareike Sattler - Last night, at AFY late night knit night, one attendee was raving about this gorgeous scarf. Upon checking it out, I agree about its rave worthiness. I really appreciate the designer's source of inspiration since I have also been greeted by the same huffing and puffing when I have thrown out a knitting offer. I don't know that I would give this finely knit item away upon completion, being that it is so gorgeous and knit on #1's.

There are a ton more patterns that I want to comment on but the clock tells me that I must get ready for work! So, I will taunt you with my least favorite ending to X-files and Heroes (of course, on Heroes it is redundant) be continued...

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