Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Finished Object and an Obsession

I would really like to show you all the baby knits that I have finished and that I have been gifted, but I want to photograph it in the frilly bassinette that is set to arrive some time during the next week.

Instead, I will show you a lovely finished object that needs to be wrapped up and sent as birthday gift to a lovely woman - my hubby's grandma. It is a Lily Chin pattern, Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl, made from 4 balls of light pink Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. I had two laying around from other projects and only needed to make a further investment in two more balls. I was quite impressed with what 284 yds on US13's could produce. I haven't done a ton of lace knitting and this is the first shawl that I have made; on both counts, this pattern proved very satisfying.

It was really easy to block; I just hit it with some steam as it draped over a towel on the bed. Though I finished it in plenty of time to have it ready as a birthday present, my Acheles Heal awaits conquering - getting it packaged and sent out of the post office. I am really tempted to hook up with Fed-Ex's pick up service but I don't have any of their envelopes either getting set up would take just as much effort as getting my butt over to the USPS that is about a block from our home. My PO issues are why I am self forbidden to ever attempt to participate in any swaps. As much as receiving and sending well thought out goodies, I am the worst at keeping on the ball.

Now for my obsession: I am calling it Not Kaffe. I bought this season's VK without even looking at the patterns because I had been looking forward to Lily Chin's article on waist shaping. I haven't seen much of anything that I could really care about making for about 2 yrs from this publication, but this issue has at least half a dozen things that I am having dreams about making. The first thing is pattern #14 which is a classic Kaffe thistle fair isle number. After cogitating on where I could get the eight colors of DK wool for the cheapest, disillusionment began to set in, nearly cemented by the fact that he designed it in pieces. Hope came with empowerment - It simultaneously occurred to me that I could make use of some of the tons of Noro Kureyon that I was stashing to make Interweave's Sunrise Jacket (though I think that jacket is too lovely, it doesn't light me up the way that it once did) a la Three Tam style and I could put this chart into a steeked top down cardigan in a larger gauge. The math and the chart worked out to be a perfect match. At 2:30pm yesterday afternoon, I cast on. At 2:30 am this morning, I finally set it down with about 5 rows to go before the split for sleeves and body. I am having a fine ole stranded time with this project and am having tremendous separation anxiety when I have to set it down. I charted the first 15 increase rows to make sure that I increased within the chart without compromising the design and fter that, for the reaming 8 increase rows, I have been able to fake it following the original chart.

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Elisa said...

Wow! on both, but especially the sweater. I love how the Noro is working out. What size needles are you using?

Hmmm, think this obsession could be your final nesting phase before Dante arrives? Hope he hangs in there until after Monday.


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