Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oh, Baby!

I have nested. Hello baby - the nest is ready. C'mon child; let's be here already.

I have already shown you a couple of things that I had completed - a wee baby surprise and a tychus cap. Here are a couple more caps in combos of ribs and purls. Do you see the rocket pop inspiration? I made them to coordinate with my
interpretation of Lesley Stanfield's Icelandic Jacket. The knitted body is a solution to my crochet count having been off when I finished working the yoke (a 16 stitch error discovered after a front, a sleeve, and the back were crocheted). The yarn is some stashed Sirdar Snuggly with the crocheted bit done on a D-hook and the knitted bit on a US4.
The buttons are hard to see but too cute regardless - blue fish and white tugboats alternating.

I have been on a top down rampage in all things sweater related. I improvised this little split neck top while I was teaching a class on Top Down Sweater knitting to have an example to work on while my students busily worked away at adult size garments. The green and cream is worked in Encore Worsted. I had tons of loaded bobbins left from an intarsia project that I didn't want to go to waste. So, left over proportions determined the patterning of this garment. The quad colored version to the right is worked in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It was sized up a little in the cast on and has a couple more increases in the yoke; now, that I invested in another ball of the blue, I am going to add another stripe sequence to the body to make having sized it up width wise make sense (babies get longer faster than they get wider). You can see the sleeve kryptonite at work on this item, per usual.

What is that? A bird? A plane? A strangely shaped receiving blanket? Nope. It's another baby surprise. It just needs its shoulder seams and buttons sewn up. I am probably going to wait till Dante is closer to needing it so that it can remain a magic trick at the store to explain the concept of the pattern. The yarn here is again Encore plus some TLC in my favorite colorway, Surf and Turf. It is easily sized up by being worked in worsted weight on US8. Waiting to see if we will need more sleeve length by the time that the body fits also keeps me from sewing up those two lasts seams. No excuses for not having done the button sewing though.

This blanket out of stashed Homespun is hopefully something that Dante will snuggle prodly in since it goes onto a very short list of yarny blankets completed by these hands. I think that it may only be the second ever. I never did finish Xander's started nearly 8 years ago. I think that one is even lost and gone to the sands of time. Not to say that my children will go cold; they are blessed enough to receive quilts and yarned blankets from loved ones. Xander received something that would never ever come off my short attention spanned needles - an adult size seed stitched blanket in sport weight.

Baby D is lucky enough to have received two gorgeous blankets from good friends Charlie and Kate. Charlie, my coworker, made him this, gorgeous and still masculine, yellow lace number in any mother's favortie yarn (at least, this mother's favortie) - Encore. Kate, a woman who has only been knitting and crocheting for about 6 months, hooked him this aborable giant grany square cuddler that happens to coordinate very nicely with both the bassinette and the stroller. Wish he would get here so that he could enjoy these generous spoils with me.

There is one more gifted knit that I want to share with you but it is packed in the hospital bag so you will have to wait to see 'em on his little tootsies.

In the end, I didn't really need to wait for the bassinette to photograph those things; it simply made for an awkward setting. Oh well.

Next time, I will show you some of the UFOs that await the babe.


Knittin' Kitten said...

I am so impressed. I am pregnant too, and have not stitched a thing for Baby Owen, who will be here in July. Come to think of it, I have yet to stitch anything for my daughter either, and she is almost 3. Lucky for them both, we have a lot of crafty friends and they both have some nice pieces!

Emily said...

Anne!!!! I found you! Courtesy of Melanie. Yay!! Congratulations! A boy! And guess what? I'm pregnant too! So, seeing as you're much more experienced at this, we need to talk! What's your number? Mine hasn't changed. and we have a blog, too: and my email address is I've tried your anneland one but i don't think it's working anymore. please find me! love, em

Tina said...

Beautiful baby stuff. I just bought itty bitty nursery and was thinking of starting some baby items. I love your color combos!


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