Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Pattern: The Ojai Sweater

I made this sweater up ages ago and received enough compliments on wearing it around Anacapa Fine Yarns that I decided to hastily write up the pattern and teach it as a class. Well, haste makes waste, in pattern writing anyway. The class went well, but the original write-up had math errors sprinkled through the sizing. After a long overdue treatment with the fine tooth comb last night, I am now ready to present my nearly perfect pattern to the big bad world. I hazard to say that it is nearly perfect now.

Here's the story behind this quick, cute little number:
The Ojai (pronounced O-Hi) Sweater is aproduct of my spoiled work life, being employed at yarn shops. OneFriday, before I was married and at the previous store I worked at, I was planning to meet my hubby and his brother after work to proceed
to Ojai for a patio dinner with their cousin and her in laws. I put
on a lovely white eyelet sundress with skinny straps. This dress
was a perfect choice for the heat of the San Fernando Valley in the
middle of a steamy summer. However, the whatifs crawled into my ear
as I realized shortly after arriving at work that I had not packed a
sweater for a jaunt to the coastal mountain community. Having spent
time in the surrounding areas, Santa Barbara and Sant a Ynez, I
expected to meet a very chilling evening and to look very foolish
for having arrived ill prepared. With 5 hrs left before departure
and no time to run to Target, I sat down in hopes of quickly
whipping out a shoulder warmer. I came very close, but no sweater
about an hours more work remained. Luckily, Ojai is situated in the
mountains so as to catch morning fog from the west and hot air from the
east. Dinner was amazing and the evening was just the perfect
temperature. The sweater was completed by the next night and soon
warmed my shoulder on other cool nights.

I adapted the pattern to work up in any desired body or sleeve length.

Sizes: 36", (38", 40", 42", 44", 46", 48", 50", 52", 54")
Yarn: For original, 334, (360, 386, 414, 444, 476, 510, 547, 586, 627) yds.
To add 3" to body, add approx.: 23(24, 26, 28, 30, 33, 36, 40, 44, 48) yds.
To add 1" to sleeves, add approx.: 8(10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 26) yds.
Materials: US 11 (8mm) 24" circ., Optional: US11 (8mm) dpns, 8 stitch markers, 2 stitch holders
Gauge: 3 sts/inch in stockinette

Price: $5.00



Beautiful sweater.


Today I have the yarn for this darling sweater, but now after looking at the pattern I am not sure if I have the right weight size yarn. I am new to knitting and don't want the frustration of the past as to yarn and etc.
What yarn did you use. I have a Cascade tweed 220 and I think that the size 11 needle will leave a holey looking sweater. Even if I do a gauge I don't know how to translate that into the correct CO and then the placement of the markers. I am hefty and don't want to use a yarn that is more bulky than the tweed is.
Thank you for your help.

Tiffany (aka: mieljolie, newbiehere) said...

I read this post and thought, 'wow, she can attempt to whip up a sweather in 5 hours?!" You have to have some fast knitting hands! :D I applaud you. It's a very lovely sweater, too.



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