Thursday, August 26, 2010

These hats are from the famed Ann Norling pattern #10. My dear friend from high school is about to have triplets. Can't pass up the opportunity to to make her a set of pea pod hats.
As I was looking at the yarn cubbies for the right green combination, I remembered a silly riddle that my friend's dad likes to tell, "What did the daddy tomato tell the baby tomato the had fallen behind? ...Ketchup." At that memory, I added a couple of balls of red to my shopping pile.

The yarn is Berroco Comfort DK. I got all three hats out of one ball of each main color and all six hats from about half of a ball of the contrast color.

I may make three little sweaters as well since I have a whole ball of each the red and light green and would only need to buy one more ball of the dk green.
The hats have took varying lengths of time depending on my mood. I cast on the first tomato the same night as I finished Travelling Woman, last Wednesday, but didn't finish its top off until four days later. The next four were completed the following day, about 2 hours each. The final hat took nearly the whole next day to get through. Some how, as I reflect on this time table, I feel the urge to pop in Rocky Horror Picture Show and dance the Time Warp.

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