Friday, December 22, 2006

Proud Teacher

So I have been blessed with a ton of really talented knitting pupils who learn quickly and easily - any teacher's dream set. I will try to show you all of them and their gorgeous creations. Today, I want to show off a couple of serious self starters who followed their first sweater patterns with little guidance. First, we have Amy who learned to cable and learned a lot about sweater construction from this Minnow Knits pattern. The recipient of this lovely sweater is one lucky little girl. And she actually lives somewhere that wool is a necessity so it will be well loved and layered. I love the bobbles! I showed a knitter who formed me as a beginner and she was quite impressed by the bobble making as she can never get them to pop on the right side. I am tickled by the whole shebang. And the designer is in the details - Amy selected purple seed beads to cluster in the center of each button for just the right amount of sparkle.
Next, I show you a brand spanking new pattern reader - Anita. Not only is this her first sweater pattern that she is deciphering, but it is her very first pattern that she is reading! There are four or five different pattern stitches, shaping, and picking up stitches - all which she is mastering beautifully. She is whipping out a matched set of sweaters for a lucky set of twin girls. Upon discussing our mutual preference for greens and blues, I am sure that Anita is fairly ready to move on to the mint green one.
I am so privileged to be in the presence of fearless knitters - these two lovelies saw what they wanted to roll off their needles and have conquered that vision, leaving scarves in their dust. Victory for the budding advanced knitters!

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ms. newbill said...

those sweaters are fabulous! also, LOVE the stockings. how did the "patron" like them? the color choice was fabulous. hope all went well holiday-wise. see you soon at the shop.


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