Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Hits

Halloween is my second favorite holiday (St. Patrick's day rates above it). And it was as fun this year as it ever is. I finished the costumes in plenty of time for all of the day's festivities.
Then, we moved into Kevin's department, leading the pumpkin carving. Both Kevin and Alexander decided to go with the classic Barf-kins. Dante desired an ultra classic triangle eyed, goofy toothed handsome face. Kevin executed his and Dante's jack 'o lanterns swiftly, and Alexander did his best job of cleaning out and carving on his own to date.

Dante dressed as Cookie Monster (a costume that we envisioned for him way back when he was in utero). The two best things about this costume was that other little kids were impressed with recognizing him as Cookie and that a women at nice house was so excited about his cuteness that he got candy and a yummy fresh baked cookie.

Alexander was a Sith lord. Sort of boring, but it was a good opportunity to make him some easy black knit jamas as his under layer to the dark hooded cloak. Kevin ensured that it was more authentic with the purchase of a new red light saber and some black leather gloves. Alexander was very gracious and only occasionally corrected people that he wasn't a Jedi.
We made a treacherous decision to meet friends for trick or treating and left a bowl out.

Some dissatisfied individual smashed our littlest pumpkin in response to the emptied bowl. Jerks. Now, the 2 yr old wants to know where his pumpkin went. At least pictures preserved the fun and appreciation that he had with it. It was a good lesson for the 10yr old to prevent future mischief in witnessing what a bummer a smashed pumpkin can be.

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