Monday, April 03, 2006

sanity fairy jumps out of the bushes

Wedding developments: we went looking on Saturday at some really lovely family farm houses that were built in the early 1900's as locations for the reception. They are called McCormick Ranch and McGrath Ranch...owned by cousin families. They really appealed to me because they reminded me of my grandparents house in Huntington Beach from about the same genre of SoCal farmhouse. But it turns out that we could rent a ballroom at CSU Channel Islands for $400; there are a few kinks to work out in that brilliant deal but it sounds more and more attractive. (Even though my daydream of an outdoor affair keeps fading, I am still pleased with the course that planning is taking thus far.)

I found something mildly amazing at the 99cents only store. Loads of white Lion Brand Jaime yarn of which I purchased 200 skeins after falling in love with the idea of an outdoor reception near the sea in late June. I was imagining copying a wedding idea where they had a basket of shawls labeled "take a shawl and cozy up", which translated to me also imagining whipping out as many shawls as I could in the next 410-ish days. (Here is where the sanity fairy completes a covert operation to save me from myself and give my fiance a better idea.) However, if the festivities are now likely to be mainly indoors, then my mind is having a party about what to do with so much yarn while the "you-need-to-make-a return" police are knocking at the door for me to turn the music down.

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Jaime said...

Oh...Anne where ever you have your wedding it will be wonderful and the best, most fun wedding ever!!

(I can't wait!!!)

Oh and I found something that you could knit with all that white yarn! (Haa Haa)

Signing off!


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