Saturday, April 22, 2006

WIP it

I am working hard at giving you a photo illustrated instructions for the trivet. I should be able to post it tomorrow as a Sunday treat.

My goal for today's post was to put up some of my Works In Progress.

The first: I am hiding what is truly spiffy about this sweater out of Noro Kureyon. For awhile it has been nestled in my stash waiting for something that didn't scream horizontal stripes. (I know it doesn't look like I accomplished that from your vantage point, but I will appreciate your trust. I am hiding because I am hoping that this will be the item having the magic combination that gets me to a major goal - being published in Knitty. The magic combo is unique design plus done in time for the deadline.)

The Second: This monkey is way behind schedule. Well, really only a week. It is Tucker the Monkey from Tracy Chapman's "toys to knit" and it was intended to be in my son's easter basket. It will be his finished buddy soon. (I do love knitting for him...he is truly proud of my skill and glows with pride to show off his knitted possessions. He is so kind to his mother's ego.) ;) I am using a boucle from Michaels that is giving the monkey a nice coat of fur. If you knit this too, I chose to work the contrasting hands and feet attached to the whole leg or arm piece rather than as separte bits, as indicated by the pattern. Just saving on seams.

The third: I thought this sweater/shrug will be lovely for the spring. If it gets here. It has been blazing hot or cold (for a born and bred southern cali girl). I found it on PeonyKnits. I am using some of my millions of skeins of white Jaime.

The fourth: This scarf is some deliciousness from alchemy yarns (green synchronisity and yellow furry kindness). This may end up being the most expensive knit item that I will own when completed. One day I went on a quick jaunt to Black Sheep Knittery where I was lured by their St. Patrick's day sale on green yarns. My favorite holiday and color. I could not resist.

The last thing I want to mention are these purchases from the Yarn Garden in Portland, OR. I dunno what the Koigu will be, but I think that the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenielle will be the flower washcloth from "weekend knits" or the washcloths from the Mason-Dixon ladies.

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