Thursday, May 11, 2006

busy bee living the dream

everyone who cares should come visit me at the Yarn Garden in Studio City.

It is my dream job. My kind of surroundings, my kind of people....luving it!

So, I am going to begin teaching crochet and begining knitting there.

The first class that I have worked out is one of the crochet classes. Look at what we will be making:

I also just finished the flower wash cloth from "weekend knits." I have been looking at that wanting to make on for ages and this was the first time that I sat down to do it and it gelled. I made the petals while we were at the Pantages watching Stomp (which was fantastic). The wash cloth is a part of the June Colorific Swap from Swap-bot.
I also whipped out this bag for another swap.

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