Monday, May 01, 2006

long awaited Trivet

For my favorite potholder, tavanb of the LA SnB found it already published online. Her finding it was a nice gift and saved me lots of fretting on how to communicate it through crochet speak. The author of that version doesn't know its origin either. I wish someone would come forward with the answer. My mom and aunt were speculating that it came for Ladies Home Journal in the 30's or a little magazine that was called something like the knitting basket.

As for the other:
So here it goes.

There are no yarn or hook requirements. Use what you like. I used Encore and a size G hook. I suggest two coordinating colors and to stay away from 100% acrylic because it will melt ( but it takes many years of use to do so). Since I have about half a skein of each left, I am going to guess that it takes about 100 yds of each color.

DC - double crochet

Chain 44.

Row 1: DC 1 into 8th chain from the end. *Chain 2. DC 1 into 3rd chain from last DC.* Repeat ** until the end. You should end up with 13 squares. (If you lengthen or shorten this pattern, be sure to end up with an odd # of squares.)

Row 2 thru 13: Chain 5. DC 1 into top of second to last DC from previous row. Chain 2. *DC 1 into each DC. Chain 2.* Repeat ** to the end. You should end up with a grid of 13 by 13 squares.

Here is where I am at a loss for [crochet] words.

Hopefully I can illustrate it well enough to make up for my shabby [crochet] prose.

Round 1: Chain 3 into a corner square. Work 2 more DCs along oneside of that square. Then work 3 DCs along the next edge. From here follow the diagram. (There is actually a diagram waiting in illustrator; I just need to figure out how to get it here. For now, I hope you get the gist.) ;)

You end up working 7 rounds.

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