Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My plans for today and probably tomorrow

SO this is where it began...

And this is where it went. I have lots and lots of work; I love sewing for my love. It is a gift that he likes adventurous shirts.
The sushi+the navy
The planets+the blue
The baseballs+the black
The hawaiian+the purple
The purple Hawaiian

And then there are the plans for my little love. Construction, Spongebob, and train themed shirts.

This is my other set of plans. They are going to ravel into a set of baby kimonos from the pattern in "mason-dixon Knitting". Recognize the ROY G. BIV action? I am contemplating adding a white one and then it will be enough for 8 days a week. ;) It is good that my new neice or nephew is not due to arrive until December.

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