Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Get some Popcorn and enjoy the verbosity

So much to discuss...

First, I will tell you a tale that illustrates my general loose grip on reality. On this last Friday, we planned to go to Mr. K's cousin's inlaw's house in the hills between Ojai and Carpenteria (we drove down my very favorite stretch of the 101 on the way). So, I figured that it was easiest to leave straight from work, but I forgot to pack a cardi to cover my shoulders since it would probably be a cool evening. What the heck - I knit and I am allowed to knit at work (ah, Heaven) - let's see if I can make something warm before I have to get on the road. So, I did ok with some gorgeous Alpaca/silk (which there is some more of if you love it) and #11 needles. I really only had about 3 more hours of work left. But I didn't have any more hours before I had to hit the Friday freeway fun. Luckily, it was just the right temperature to sit out on their gorgeous balcony and eat an incredible meal of BBQ and dessert of freshly made mint 'n chip (my favorite) ice cream. I finished the last raglan shaping on Sunday night and the ribbing on Monday morning (though you cannot really see it - I am really proud of how I shaped it around the V and Collar corners). I opted for these gorgeous beads as my buttons (then I skipped the buttonholes). Because of the fact that I was making it up as I went, it really took about nine or ten hours because of some necessary replanning and a yarn shortage. I love the RAGLAN!

Second, my other love - NORO (specifically, Kureyon). I saw the Lotorp bag in a recent issue of one of my favorite knitting mags sitting in an ad for a yarn shop. So, reeling with bubbley lovey dovey feelings, I hunted down a copy of Cornelia Tuttle's "Noro Revisted" and grabbed some Kureyon and #6 needles. Noro is so beautiful, but I am only really attracted to it when its self striping is used innovatively, i.e. not primarily horizontal. This bag is very cleverily engineered - 3 diamonds that come together into this sweet little pouch. I do not usually like the Noro Books - but this one has quite a few things that I could see myself happily making. I am making my own Noro sweater up and I am just two sleeve caps away from being able to assemble and show off.

Third, I have new classes - 3 in fact. I'll post pictures to seduce you soon ;).

Knitted Blanket Class
5 Weeks $85 2 hrs/ea week
or 1 week at a time for $20 each week
Monday Nights, Sept. 11, 18, 25 and Oct. 2, 9, Optional Assembly class -Oct. 16

Prerequisite Skills: (not mandatory but suggested) Cast on and knit. Purling is a good one to know already but can be taught in allotted time. If you know a week's stitch, then feel free to pick and choose what weeks you sign up for.

Materials - two each of six colors of Lamb's Pride Bulky or of Debbie Bliss Superchunky Cashmerino
No. 13 needles
1.5 yards of a material that includes the color scheme you want to choose your yarn from

the plan:
6 stitches used
Week one - Stockinette and seed stitch
Week two - Star Stitch
Week three - Basketweave
Week four - Cable
Week five - Bobble

One block will be started (and hopefully nearly finished) during each class session. It is the student's job to complete a second square in the same pattern in between classes.

For finishing - you can sign up for a sixth class to piece your blocks together where there will be two sewing machines available for use; the sixth class will be offered at an additional $20. Optionally, the instructor can piece the block s together for a service fee of $40.

Raglan Sweater or Cardi

5 weeks $90, 2hrs each class or (for superspeed knitters) $20 each week
Tuesday Nights, Sept. 12, 19, 26 and Oct. 3, 10
7:30-9:30 pm

Prerequisite Skills: Cast on and Knit stitch

Yardage and needles will be determined as students each enroll; on average, I will be suggesting between No. 8 and 10.5 in DPNS and two circular lengths - 16" and 24".
Tapestry Needle
Measuring tape
***Please come in to choose your yarn well in advance of the class so that any special orders can easily be placed and arrive in time.

Prework: Very important - please knit a gauge swatch before week one. Cast on 16 to 20 stitches. Work in Stockinette for approximately 10 to 15 rows. Bind off.

This project is knit in the round with two tiny seams in the underarms. It is a satisfying way to adventure into sweater knitting. The more advanced knitters could also use it as a canvas for an extra design element, such as a cable.

Week one - planning and cast on for body.
Week two - Cast on for sleeve 1.
Week three - Cast on sleeve 2.
Week four - Joining sleeves and body.
Week five - Neckline and finishing.

3 Weeks $60, 2 hrs each class
Wednesday Nights, Sept. 13, 20, 27
7:30 - 9:30 pm

2 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino
1 set of No. 6 Double Pointed Needles
1 cable needle

Prerequisite Skills: Cast on, knit, and a lust for the challenge of learning something new.

Week one - cast on, cuff, start palm
Week two - palm, thumb gusset
Week three - fingers


The times for my beginner lessons are changing. Beginning knitting and crochet classes can be taken on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 7:30. The projects are the same but are also flexible just in case you are not quite inspired by them. Remember that these ideas are stepping stones - I tried to figure out projects that would easily give you the skills to make all your knitting dreams come true.

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