Monday, August 14, 2006

open for business

So I have put my first goodies up on - you can find them directly at

Too cute and useful...a dangerous combo.

I have been doing so much knitting and sewing this last month that I have had no time for posts. I will have to find a balance ;).

A current and ongoing love affair is with this tank top pattern; it is a tribute both to knitting in the round and to lace knitting. The pattern came from and was conceved by I assembled the color pallette as inspired by a skirt that I have had for over a year and have not worn much. Sadly, though a great inspiration, I do not love the skirt even with a partner to support it. The project was a treat as far as sampling yarns goes - the lavender is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, the turquoise is Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere, and the plum is Elizabeth Havold (?) Cotton Cable. They all knit up beautifully, the cotton fleece especially exceeding my expectations of a humble skein of cotton.
Not being able to leave a good thing alone, I have another in a multi lime/white/lemon going. I always feel like I should be sipping an ice cold 7Up while I am working on it. In fact, I was inspired to pick up some diet 7Up on my last trip to the market - it may be added to my list of acceptable diet drinks...still more research is needed. Current members of that list are Diet Dr. Pepper (including cherry vanilla and mixed berry) and Diet A&W Rootbeer. One of these beverages would also make an attractive color tell me which ;).

The yarn for the bottom of this scarf came from a swapper in Sweden. I am adding it to some DB Alpaca Silk and am going to send it back to her.The yarn came in the form of a magic ball which had treasures wrapped up in it which included a lamb key chain, Lipton English Breakfast tea bag (which we cannot get in the US), and a matching measuring tape (with centimeters on both sides) and needle keeper.
While I was sorting through my stash, I felt the urge to turn this yarn into a basket tote. I turned it over to my son and it has been a hit for toting his massive train collection to and fro.The same weekend that I was quickly crocheting this number, he found the patience to finger crochet some chain "snakes." His adventure into fiber arts has deepened this weekend as he embarked on his first sewing project -a pouch for school supplies. I was quite tickled by the quality of his stitching since I was at least two years older when I first picked up a needle and thread and was not as tidy - plus, he has already installed a zipper on his first go.

And last but not least, I want to brag about my purchase at the felt club this Saturday. Dimetrodon earrings...I didn't know it until I saw them but I have wanted these my whole life long.


Lisad said...

Your little measuring tape creatures are cuter in person, if that is even possible. You rock, Anne.

littlemissme said...

i love your tape measurers they are sooooo cute.... my favorite is your black sheep make them in pink and blue and you have a little sheepy family..... :) (:

Ketutar said...

I'm so sorry about the centimeters! I totally forgot the thing about inches and cms! LOL
But I'm so happy that I FINALLY understood to get to your blog, and find out that you have received the yarn ball! PHEEW!
I feel so stupid... and relieved! LOL


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