Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally, The Hat

I thought that I would take the operation photos of the hat and promptly post them as promised, but things changed when I got to work. Showered with praise from two people, whose style opinions are highly respected, Debra and Tiffany (pictured), they wooed me not to sever the bit of excess hat anatomy. They said that it was too cute and more like a stem than anything else. I don't think that I could wear it now after my mind went for a swim in the gutter.

Here is what the before and after would have been like. For now, it stays as an outie and is on sale at the Pink Porch if you just can''t live without it. ;)


Tan said...

I like the hat. I agree that it's better without the protruberance.

knitkim said...

I tried to leave an odeo but the message i kept getting was "connecting". Again I so enjoy the podcast. Keep the joy flowing!!

Hilda said...

Ooooh, I'm making mittens with the same yarn (but in a different colorway)! What pattern did you use for the hat?


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