Monday, April 23, 2007


Sorry for the lazy delay on the shownotes. We had a sorta busy busy weekend.

Will post before and after pics tomorrow.

Here are the colors of the French String Sweater that I started. The colors were put together on

In the Queue:
Check out!!!!!! It is a fun place to play with colour without consequence and perhaps you will prove to be terribly brillant and influence the design world forever and always after. Of course, that first link took you to my colour play. Go here to sign up and start your own.
Make sure that you vote and comment a ton so as to spread the love and subsequently move on up.

The Literate Knitter:
Tracy Chevalier
Girl with the Pearl Earring
Falling Angels
The Lady and the Unicorn
The Virgin Blue
Burning Bright

Knitting in the Dark:
Girl with the Pearl Earring
Learn to Surf for Beginners
Let's Knit 2gether

Etc, Etc, Etc:
I am sure that they will walk again next year so check out the Lascivious Biddies and their rumpus room of a musical podcast.
Let me know if I missed linking to anything else that you might want to know more about.
Thank you.
Happy Needling.

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