Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Emphasis on Pink All Over

What is Black and White and Pink all over? My new owl bag. The pattern is from Crochet Today Sept/Oct 2010 and has been calling me to make it since I first flipped through the pages. Intended to be a child's book bag, I am looking at it as a new project bag.
Since, I was assembling it from the hat leftovers, I changed the striping pattern and the color arrangement. I am very happy with its current status.
What remains is the lining portion of the project. Yesterday, I picked up most of the necessary items, the perfect lining fabric, awesome ribbon to line the handles, and buttons to sew on the handles. I just cannot decide how to do the beak. It will come to me - color and technique.
Hopefully, today, I will be motivated to do the lining work so that I can enjoy this fun bag.

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Elisa said...

How about naming him Dr. Suess? Those eyes remind me of green eggs (and ham). Super cute bag!


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