Sunday, July 03, 2011

R2D2 - Build it aldready

One of Dante's best acts is his "I'm a Robot." So, R2D2 is a big hero in his book. Elisa shared this pattern with me a little while ago and I finally got the juice to whip up a couple.
The pattern is very cute but doesn't give a gauge. After knitting a short fat one with an H hook (went to the XL), I figured out that the unstated gauge is 3 sts/in. Switched to a I hook. I am making two in tandem. As I attached the appliques to the first, I realized that I reversed the placement of the blue and white sts in the final three rows. I left it on Dante's as he was hovering quite closely while I worked away and asking, "Mom, will you build an R2D2 helmet for me? Will you build it?" I fixed those rows on the one that I am making as a gift.
I wasn't sure if my older son would be into wearing one, but he has requested one. There are droids in red so he will get a version in that hue.

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Elisa said...

Love it! Very cute


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