Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Red Vines and More - igami

We (being son Alexander and the lady who delivers him to social appointments) seem to have a lot of summer birthdays. I have been having fun decorating these presents with origami creatures. The present that I just wrapped was adorn with three jumping frogs. Since they are best done with an oblong sheet, there were trimmings. The trimmings became tiny froglets that are straight up adorable.

It has been a good time revisiting this hobby that I enjoy from time to time. I searched out a website that has simple animated videos and a wide variety of instructions - the origami club.

I was happy to see that it was also a fun activity choice during the TV-free hours of the afternoon. We loaded up on red vines and both made animals to amuse Dante.

P.S. The crane from this post was remembered via this tutorial.

P.P.S. The froglets on the top picture are playing leap frog.

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