Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Back to the Grind

I was knitting like crazy from Saturday through Monday at 5:45 pm so that I could do welts 24 to 63 of the Knit Swirl, Winter Waves. I had promised a blocking demonstration for our 6th class session and I delivered as planned.
I share this tidbit because it leads into the next. During my knitting marathon, I received my order of Essie In the Cabana. This morning, I celebrated my nearly finished second Swirl by painting my nails properly: used my friend's tip about freshly swiping each nail with remover just before applying the first coat, did 2 thin coats in total, and even took the time to apply a top coat. The color is exactly what I hoped it would be! Let's see how it lasts as I have yet to be impressed with Essie in the past.
Now, I can return to class sample knitting and wrapping up the last few rows on the larger version of my new pattern.

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