Sunday, May 05, 2013

Peacocks, In Theory

Peacocks, in theory, are lovely and elegant creatures. Their tails are an inspiration to many artisans. This shawl is Rose Beck's Peacock's Tail. I loved making it and I love the yarn, Baah's La Jolla. As I knit on this item, on recent evenings, I heard a sound that brought me back to a freshman classroom at Alemany High School so long ago. Peacocks wander the grounds of the parts of campus that touch the Mission San Fernando. Their mating call is far from glamorous or elegant. It is an ugly, almost scream. This call echoing over your  biology teacher's lecture makes for an unpleasant afternoon. Seems that one of my current neighbors has a lovelorn male whose call echoes through our little valley in the wee hours.

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