Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Relief of Finishing

I was a good girl last Friday. I worked through that week only only on this doll.

This scarf is made from a free pattern on the Misti Alpaca website. Very clever. The borders were worth the wait.

Crochet for knitters. Brilliant. I am good friends with the hook, but I know that not everyone who likes pointy sticks feels that same way about its cousin. This project is a fun way to imitate some of the unique features found in crochet.

Friday night, Sept. 3rd, I powered through to the final bind off and felt triumphant. Then, the following week, I was not so well disciplined. I did finish some other nagging projects, but not the last two big ones.

This week I need to return to the call of my last Pi Shawl and a few other goodies.

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