Friday, February 16, 2007

Muslin, not a Muslin

I have tons of other sewing that I needed to start before I began this step. But I was itching to get a look at my pattern choice in 3D. I am refering to begining the muslin for my wedding dress. I could wait no longer to get a foot in the door. Everything is beginning to feel very real as far as wedding plans and seeing my dress bcome flesh is make that realness more palatable. I am recycling some old sheets as my muslin material - makes it a little more fun to look at may drape somewhat more comprabably than cotton muslin. My grandma would be so proud because I am actually basting my darts and seams. Granted, this habit is really necessary if this muslin will morph into my actual pattern. Still, this behavoir is something that I am usually way too lazy to actually do. I am really excited the more that I see this evolve, the more convinced I am that this dress is the perfect fetching choice. I hope that you enjoy this little fabric and thread treat, since I rarely show you sewn items.


janel said...

ooh, that is quite exciting. I too made my wedding dress and it was very satisfying to wear my own dress with my own handknit shawl at my wedding.

I wish you the same kind of happiness I had when I got married. It was the best day of my life, and my advice to you is to remember to let yourself be the princess, because it is your day to shine.

I enjoy reading your blog

Kevin said...

Ooooooooh, I know what your dress will look like!!!!

Kevin said...

OOOoooOOOooh I know what your dress will be made of!!

Dacia said...

wow--i can't believe you're making your own dress! that's quite the project to take on. it looks wonderful thus far.


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