Thursday, February 15, 2007


She said Magenta and Black. I am afraid that I made it turn to the pink side though. This is the evolution of the Smonsters. The new breed is a Smelephant. They don't have first names. I will leave that responsibility to their new keeper, my someday SIL, Debi. She was allowed to adopt them as a 22nd birthday privilege (get the tu-tu theme...darn a tu-tu would have been a fun Smelephant..).

Before they were sent to their new home, I made sure that they could past the good luvin/well-enough stuffed test. I had a volunteer from the knitting table love 'em and hug 'em till they might pop. It was a successful test end even the trunks proved quite sturdy (6 stitch i-cord made from stitches picked up in the middle of the faces with a bit of pipe cleaner stuffed down the middle).

Next I might indulge a suggestion made by Mr. K. I might play at combining animal breeds - I have always dreamed of playing with DNA and having my own Dr. Moreau's island. (Of course, even after I tie the knot it would have to be Dr. Lecrivain's island since, in the future there will be many Dr. C's and Dr. L is still French while Dr. C is Italian.) On (here comes honorary title) Dr. Lecrivain's island, Mr. K suggested that a good first combo would be an elepant plus a mouse. Any other suggestions?

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