Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Smitten Smonsters

I saw their cousin posted under a magnet on the blackboard when I got into work on Thursday. The two headed monsters' original creator, kate sutton(left), and a late night knit night knitter, Hannah(right), both had elements of inspiring cuteness that I could not resist copying. I feel like the kid in kinder being whined at; I keep thinking that I am going to hear "stop copying me" in an annoyed tone whaft over my shoulder. Hopefully, both of these talented ladies will feel the "impersonation-is-the-highest-form-of-compliment" vibe. Kate makes both sewn and knitted cuteness that was featured in an article for the magazine Romantic Homes. She seems to do a lot of charity orientated knitting also which equals tons of good karma. Hannah is a brave knitter (I say brave because the pattern calls for #2 needles) who added her own twist to this robot by adding a blanket stitched heart in lui of his circuit box which quickly deepened my love for this little techie guy.

So, I ordered up a creativity combo with a side of my interpretation and, voila, I give you Heather and Todd Smonster. The way I came to that name is slightly convoluded. You can accept that as the name on face value or you can keep reading to be enlightened. The surname came from this thought process: the two-headed nature of these monsters reminded me of the cuteness of a smitten, the mitten with two hand opening so that lovers can wear one mitten while out walking. Smitten became Smonster. Their first names came from the fact that their green heads look like square froggy heads and the need to honor history with a long lost friend. Heather had a crush on a guy named Todd; they were in a theater program together; the dance instuctor called Todd "toad" one time; Heather had a stuffed WB dancing frog; I dubbed it Todd, the Dancing Frog - now all frogs are named Todd in my head. Therefore, this perfect frog-like couple needed to be named Heather and Todd Smonster.


librarian-in-training said...

I saw your smonsters post on the Boston Stitch 'n Bitch site and came to see. So cute!

elizabeth said...


those froggies are too cute! where can i find a pattern? do you mind sharing?

thanks for any info,
elizabeth (snb)



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