Tuesday, March 13, 2007

As an early bloggiversary present/celebration, I made my first podcast yesterday. I have been itching to do this for at least three months, if not longer. Really, ever since I had listened to Cast On for the first time, I had wanted to get my big mouth involved. I have learned a lot from those who have bravely gone before me; nonetheless, I am still fairly raw. But, what fun would it be if you didn't get to listen to me evolve. I have a vast set of interests and room for all different ways of living it and seeing it and I simply try to give you my honest perspective.

I am linking my favorite podcasters, the musical talent used in the episode, and how to find the books I mentioned.

Cast On
It's A Purl, Man
Sticks and String
Lime and Violet
Sleepy Eyes Knits
Stash and Burn

Brand New Day, Clockwise Stereo
Make New Friends, John McCloy
Aliens Get the Blues Too, Erik Lee
I Will Knit For You, Wren Ross
>Eye Candy, Ape House
The Reader of 360 Million Books, Shams
My Thoughts Are..., Jeremy Fowler
Plaster Rinse Repeat, Aces Up


The Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework
Knitting into the Mystery


WhatWouldBetseyDo said...

Loved your podcast Anne. It's good that you have so many things to talk about! I'm looking forward to more.
First off, the UFO song was a great pick! (maybe you can use a portion of it as a UFO theme on each episode, like Brenda using the Neighbor song).
Second, weird, but I think I have the exact same pink and green yarn with the sparkle thread throughout, which I scored a few weeks ago on sale and look forward to knitting soon!
Great job from SnB LA, lady!

Cheers, ~Hilda

kit said...

I also loved the LA take for a podcast! There is so much going on here that we need to tell the world about us. It's a great start and I can't wait to hear more of 'your party'. Although I don't think you ever introduced yourself, or maybe I missed it?
keep it up


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