Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Never Ending 5 hr Baby Sweater

My dear, sweet Jody just had a monumental milestone today. This sweater was cast on from the famed 5 Hour Baby Sweater over this last summer. There was some stuff lost in some translation so this project was slowed down a bit. However, tonite the endless 5 hours struck done. The ribbon was hidden in her portable stash housed in her knitting bag and matched perfectly to cover the buttonband with loving sentiments.

The adorabely striped baby cuddling item is going to a brand spanking new Hollywood tot. Tori Spelling is recieving this emerald number tomorrow with matching booties that Jody is swiftly turning out tonite. Hopefully, she will be able snap a shot of the finished booties on the famous tootsie.


Macoco said...

What a sweet sweater!

Libba said...

Thanks for writing this.


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