Monday, March 19, 2007

A little errata of ommission

Wow, Kit left a comment that brought my attention to something rather obvious that I skipped. I never said who I am as in je m'appelle. My nom de plume is anneland22. My real name is Anne Lecrivain (do you see where the frenchie theme came from?). I live in the outskirts of Los Angeles County, California and work in the center of it all.

I will be certain to follow better ettiquette next episode and cordially introduce myself. I think that I have fallen into the trap of feeling like I have already put myself out on the net enought that I didn't have to explain myself in the simplest terms. Here is the blur of the real world and the cyber world blurriong my manners.

thanx to everbody who has listened so far. I am open for suggestions so don't be shy. big hug.

Things I left out in shownotes that are worth looking at:

Razor Lace Cami:
knitlit's FO - the original pattern - check her home out

The other FO:
calorimetry - which I have been apparently saying the wrong name for ;); sorry, Kathryn, but thanx for the rocking design. As you can see the one that is pictured is not the one described in the cast - this is the second one that I cast on immediately after my faux camo one and the one that I was in the mood to wear today - 3 cheers for a chill in the air today. I am going to need to make some cotton ones for the summer. Ah, stylish hair laziness.

Last thing for now:
Apperently, though Blue Moon is a wheat beer, it is not a hef. Please forgive me, Germany and Belgium, for mixing up beer classifications for your countries' contributions to yum, yummy yeasty enjoyment. Thanx, Mr. K, for the correction. I heart you and will be a good beer snob one of these days. (Check out the lack of head. He practices that.)

I am sure I missed something else, so please let me know if I mentioned something that you would like a link to.

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