Thursday, March 22, 2007

Things that are yellow

Yesterday was a gorgeous half rainy half sunny day. It called for a sweater (a yellow sweater, in fact) in the morning and short sleeves in the afternoon. It is the kind of lighting that I love to take pictures in. Not that I am any great photog, but I like the way light filters through the clouds on overcast days.

The dandelion bouquet and the dutch iris are from yesterday's garden. The daffodils were photographed about a month ago, during the last overcast spell, and have since faded.The yellow flowers are delightful, like sunshine given form. However, there is another yellow something that comes with spring's blossoming that is not so delightful. Attack of the pollen has arrived - the yellow dust of sinus doom is dusted on everything and now the bit o' rain has caked it on the walkway. It is patiently waiting, lurking even, to dry out and be tracked into the house. Thank goodness for the defense system of generic Claritin types.

The last yellow thing is the remains of a quickly finished object that will act as listener bribary in a bout two weeks. Happy day for yellow as spot color.

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