Friday, January 12, 2007


Is that a mirror or two fierce pirates? Yar.

The answer is (in case you couldn't guess and if you couldn't guess then maybe you should consider a job at David's Bridal - more on that later) that these are my two gorgeous, world peace making friends - Melanie (left) and Melissa (right). They took these patches with them back to Thailand for noble pursuits - respectively, for laser eye surgery recovery and for scaring away (or pleasing) future boyfriends (hehe, TMI moment). The pattern came from an amazing new book, Naughty Needles by Nikol Lohr. Everyone should by this book asap - it fulfills every promise that the title holds and more. Thank you, Nikol, thank you.

As for David's Bridal, three different worker bee's asked if these girls were twins when we went to play with dresses last week. Harmless question, but maybe one that you ask in your head because the answer is pretty obvious. HMMM, do you think that grown women might be tired of explaining their twin-ness when it is perfectly clear? Or, if they are not twins and are simply sisters close in age that look very similar, then they are probably tired of explaining their non-twin-ness despite their similar apearances. So, next time you see twin like individuals, make a mental note of its novelty and move on. ;)

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