Sunday, January 21, 2007

Better to See than to Eat

Licorice - that is how I feel about licorice. Not the chewy Red Vine type. I mean the anise flavored, shiny black ropes and bits. They look so scrumptious, but have never done it for me flavor wise. Even the good stuff - my mom just brought home some gourmet brand and it still didn't satisfy me. It sure was pretty though. After photographing this scarf, worked in a reversible cable fashion and bordered with garter stitch, I decided that it reminded me of those shining, gourmet licorice morsels.

My knitting it was inspired by two elements. First, I had guided two people to this scarf style - one just on Friday night - and I had begun to feel my fingers itch to make one as well. Second, on two consecutive Friday nights, men have come in looking to make a quick scarf purchase after facing the cold air for a little bit.

I cast this on at about 10:30 on Saturday morning and cast off at about 4:30 with a few short breaks in between. It took 3 hanks of Blue Skuy Bulky (50 alpaca/ 50 wool, 45 yds each) and measures 70" at completion. Hopefully, next Friday night will also be brisk and a stylish gentleman will come in to snatch it up.

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