Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jody's Yummy Scarf

I will have an FO today but I am saving it to show you tomorrow because my Jody has finished a bragable scarf. We have all been playing with the long ways scarf since Tiffany made a really neat, 12 footer this past December. We have all agreed that 200 CO is a bit excessisive but something between 120 and 150 CO is just right depending on the taste and gauge of the knitter. We have also agreed that 30 to 40 rows of a lot of stitches is way more palatable than oh who knows how many rows of 15 to 20 stitches.

Miss Jody had made a long ways scarf out her stash has a holiday present that was so gorgeous that it was hard to give away. Her consolation was that she was now entitled to put together another wonderful confection for her own neck.

The name of the this delicious scarf is "Dark Chocolate Cherry Bling" and if that title did not make you lust after some cherry cordials then the sight of it should create that desire within you. So tasty.

Is anyone else amused that I poopoo scarf only knitters and yet I sure seem to talk about scarfing just as much as anything? I guess it some sorta karma. ;)

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