Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Successful Donation

I am in a masuline scarfing fury. In the spirit of this fury I decided to post the scarf/hat sets that I included in the presents that my mom and I put together for a couple of 6yr old boys. Every year, we get a couple of kids the same age as my boy from the our church's present drive and then go almost as overboard with present collecting as we do for our own 6yr old. We usually make them some cool clothes and get some cool toys. It is much easier to give at the same age as your own child. Last year, I accidently picked up some 8 or 9 yr old boys when I meant to get a couple of 8 or 9 yr old girls to recieve some new Barbie dolls that we had in our closet (let'snot get into where the dolls came from). Still without a new home for Barbie, I had no idea what to give them - I didn't want to choose something too young or too old or not cool at all. I had to stop a kid who looked 9 - ish and get his guidance. This year was easy again with a couple of properly aged children. I made the same hat that I made for my son and for my nephew and then made muffler length scarves with cool buttons to keep them secure (muffler length was all the more length that I could stand on US8). The light blue in the hat and on the scarf have the same rib + cable pattern. Fun and simple. So far, this is the only charity knitting that I cast on that was finished in time to actually send to its intended destination.

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