Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pink Camoflauge

This gorgeous girl is my new niece. I made this sweater as a quickie with only touch of pink so that her papa (my big bro) had another mostly not pink item to wear out and about.
The adventure began with a making quick and cute t-bar baby booties from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit. Sadly, I made each one at a time only to end up with two differently sized foot coverings. So, I re-cast on a fresh set that was whipped out two at a time. Then, came the sweater which was followed by finding the exact buttons I had been imagining (but had never seen before) and the perfect cotton flannel for lining the booties and the button band. The last touch was choosing between the light pink or the hot pink astrakhan. A wise and tasteful voice piped in that hot pink is always best with camo.
The funny thing is that I hate sewing up pieces of a sweater or other knitted item; I like them to be as connected as possible which is why nearly every sweater you see me make up is raglan of some sort. The part that is amusing -ish is that I love to add the finishing details; I will sew on an item longer than it took to knit it to add just the right extra details.
Anywho, isn't she lovely? And the baby too? ;) I am working on a boy version next. I have found some good flannel, but I am wishy washy on the button and border yarn choices. I am sure that it will come together. Stay tuned.


Ellen said...

The sweater and the booties are adorable! And so is the baby!

Well done!

Jknits said...

That sweater is darling. I love the pink edging and the snaps to finish. I hate mucking with buttons when I'm dressing my kids!
(I saw your post on SnB Boston)

WhatWouldBetseyDo said...

Oh this is really cute. 11-year old girl, Robin, saw this just now and said "I want one!" The snap and strip there really makes it all cooler!


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