Monday, January 15, 2007

more from my estudiantes

More from the Tuesday Night Sweater Girls. This first green and rose number was completed by Angelica. Inspired by the famed shrugs that often appear at the Yarn Garden, Angelica combined Fiori, DB baby cashmerino, Tartelette, and DB Cashmerino Astrakhan. Forming this shrug is a simple concept, but it has some fun surprises along the way like Kitchener stitch and my favorite decrease - slip one, knit two together, and psso. So much fun to be had! The best part is how it drapes across the back in a really graceful, warm air catching way. I can't wait to see the cute summer dresses that Angelica will be pairing with this cutie.

This one is another beauty from Amy's needles. The main green is Cotton Chenille; two rows away from the sweet, sweet bind off, Amy ran into a major knitting necessity - the need for another hank of yarn. Sadly, this shade of green chenille had become popular and we had no more. I love when necessity is the mother of invention; Amy came up with the gorgeous gold chenille collar. It looks so perfect with the incredible buttons that she found at a special button shop (I must go there soon!).

I love buttons - as a wee girl, we used to get those big buckets of mixed buttons from the fabric store and spend Saturday nights sorting them out to see what treasures were hidden. The cool buttons were worth digging through all of beige and white shirt buttons.

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