Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It has been about 20 years since the last time that snow fell on our lawn. I was sitting on the couch, trying to warm up after a brisk walk to my son's school, thinking that it was getting pretty dark outside the window. My mom went to take a peek out the front door to discover sweet little puffs of snow drifting onto our front yard. This discovery was pretty exciting since I was in first or second grade the last time that snow fell on Valencia. It is rather strange that snow came along for my son in the same spot that it hit on my personal timeline as well. It didn't last long though. The fluffy puffs quickly changed to raindrops and ice, washing away the white powder. It could snow more later, because it is still brrrrrr cold and there are plenty of threatening clouds above.

Last thoughts - please check out the brand spanking new blog of one of my bold and beautiful knitting students - loopykat. She is a fearless knitter who quickly progressed past scarves and is soon finishing a sweater as her third or fourth FO. Of course, I delight in her not making scarves and what am I going to be needling during this rarest of rare snowkissed so-Cal day - this Mango Moon Sari silk scarf. I did not pick it for myself; I am making it for a client. It is bearable because, upon her request for irregular stripes, I got to play with the Random Stripe Generator. If you haven't played with this program, then I think you should get your toosh over there and have some fun.

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knitguyla said...

Anne, I love that Random Stripe Generator! That is really fun and a great way to use old remnant yarns -- and like what you get in the end. As for the weather, I just can't believe it but part of me is really enjoying Winter. Joseph


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