Sunday, November 19, 2006

And now for something...

...completely different. Ok. Not that different. Everybody with a pair of pliers, some beads, and lengths of wire has a beaded stitch maker to show off. Well, now I do too. ;) So quick and so easy. C'mon now everybody do it. I made sets of 8, thinking that raglan shaping is my greatest need for markers.

Do your teeth hurt from this sweetness yet?

I rediscovered these beads the other day while attempting to take steps to cleaning out my car. I originally bought them to make handles for a purse to be crocheted from plastic lacing. There are still plenty more if I still intend to follow through on this idea (please see the Fat Bottom Bag in Stitch and Bitch Nation). As for now, I am well prepared to leap into some more top dow raglan action.

1 comment:

Ansley said...

Hi Anne. These are super cute.
I have posted photos of Knit Leia wigs on my flickr page. I took the photo of your Leia from you blog so I could add it. If you have a better one, send it to me so I can swap it out.


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