Wednesday, November 01, 2006

sleeves here I come

Baby sweater #1 is coming along quickly. Sleeves should be on their way in after about 10 more rows on the body. It is good that this project is coming together swiftly because the due date has been moved from late Nov to Nov. 8. I hope that she can make it to the shower this Saturday...I had also wanted to a set of the baby kimonos from the Mason Dixon Knitting book...I had it in my head that I would be like 8 days a week in a rainbow of colors. I guess that they may need to wait to be a Xmas present.

Part of my return to the blog is that I finally emptied my camera of pictures that were intended to be shown here but are now rather out of date. Here is one that is too cool (in my book anyway). These are all the needles that Karyn and I prepared for our beginner kits that we took to the San Genarro festival in September. It was a lot of sawing, sharpening, and sanding, but well worth it. I tok pics of all the steps so if you are interested in a tutorial please leave me a comment to that effect. I love comments...yes I am begging now.)

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