Saturday, November 11, 2006

When cats attack

These lovelies are my plans for the weekend. When I set up my yarn to photograph on my favorite cake platter, I had little idea of what was to unfold in front of my shutter clicks. I wanted to show you my tweak on Knitty's Fetching and plans to make many more this weekend. Then, the kitty leapt up on the table sniffing the pile of yarn on her way to snuggle up to the furnace/laptop. Thinking that it was an adorable photo-op, I clicked away; as I admired how cute and loveable the dear creature was, I looked over the view screen only to capture a blurry image of her viscious attack on the helpless woolies. I only share this because it is a window on the self inflicted torture of the knitter in me (shhhssh, Mr. K). I rescued these cats from a cardboard box giveaway in hopes that they would go kill the vermin in our backyard (hey, it is the circle of life). Well, we got rid of the tree that was harboring the beasties and they haven't been fixed yet - so, they spend their days indside hunting my UFO's, unattended pins and pattern pieces, and other general mischief.

Oh, the humanity!

Back to the subject that I originally intended to discuss - I have been in love with the idea of Fetching since I saw its beautiful picture come into focus on the screen. It has been a project that screams out to me every time I pass the balls of yarn that I already own and will be perfect to imitate it. However, something was holding me back and distracting me from it. (Jody, you will appreciate this) I needed to combine colors...then, I realized that I wanted a touch more form to the function and added tiny fingerhole buds rather than a wide fingerless opening. I think that the color choice takes away some of the elegance displayed by the originals but replaces it with whimsy. Pleased so far.

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