Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Long, long ago....

...in an LYS far, far away...

Ok, we love Star Wars. Some of us more than others (Mr. K owns Star Wars Trivial Pursuit). In my mind, all Star Wars facts have been eternal truths to me - like the familial triangle of Luke, Leia, and Darth. I have only met one contemporary who had not seen any of the original triology before the prequel triology began to unfurl. At this point, one would guess that everyone would now be up to speed on both installations. Not so.

(I am about to embark on a tale that is not mine tell, but it is too amusing not to share here.) Mr. K was leaving the gym last Wednesday well wearing the pictured shirt, his Ultimate Frisbee team jersey. A lady stopped him to ask about the name across the back.

Lady: (interested and friendly voice) Wow, that is an unusual last name. How do you say that?

Mr. K: (astounded disbelief) What? Chewbacca?

Lady: (still interested and friendly) Hmmm, I've never heard of that; is that Czeckloslovakian?

Mr.K: (taking on the role of educator, still tinted with disbelief) Uh, it's from Star Wars...a movie.

Lady: (less friendly) Oh. (abruptly exits)

I am choosing to express my Star Wars affinity through making a brillant piece of imagining. The brainy idea for a Princess Leia hat was figured out by Bleu Arts, a clever hat maker.I will be completing mine just in time to send her some pics for a new gallery that she just announced. This hat/wig will go a long way toward a future Leia costume. Meanwhile, it is like having built in earmuffs. I used Lamb's Pride bulky in Wild Oak. It took about one and half skeins. The hat part was worked on #11's and the buns were worked on the suggested #10's.

It was a really quick production. There was one bit of instruction that I balked at and nearly glossed over - stuff the bun tubes as you go. This step is definitely the voice of experience attempting to guide us out of frustration - I did follow the suggestion upon realizing how annoying it would be to get a 23" tube stuffed evenly in the post production.

With my leftover half skein of Wild Oak, I kept the hat fever rolling and made myself a slightly more all occasion hat. I am really impressed with how far two skeins (and a bit of a coordinating color) can take a knitter. Now, the tough part will be deciding which one to wear when we walk to school tomorrow.
I am not sure if I am sad that my boy is too young really to be easily emabarassed - one way he will be tickled to see my hat, but, the other way, I could bask in the mom power of embarassment. (This set was the hardest self portrait ever.)


Sharon said...

The Leia Hat is awesome. Kudos for knitting those cinnamon rolls!

msubulldog said...

I saw your post on the PDX SnB list (albeit quite late), but I like how your Leia hat turned out! I knit one for Halloween (to go with my 3-year-old's dream to be Darth Vader) and thought it was really quick and fun.


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