Monday, November 06, 2006

Sweater/Bag Devirginization

In regards to the title, has anyone been to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the theatre? If you have, then you know about the special initiation that occurs; and if you haven't, then I don't want to spoil the surprise for you. I had watched it many times with my big sister, so, I was no stranger to the film...but that didn't count. I got knocked out of the festivities fairly quickly, but Mr. K made it pretty far thru the process (which if you know what I am talking about then you know that it means he is pretty impressive and if you don't then you should go see it somewhere...I know that there has been a regular midnight showing somewhere in LA.) I love being cryptic - insert evil laugh here.

Anyway, I was inspired by an old podcast episode from Brenda Dayne's Cast-on (which I acquired through iTunes). In Episode #8, she speaks to the beginner knitter and shared the experience of her first sweater. I decided to share my first sweater. It was inspired by the first Yarn Girl's book, which is an incredible book for learning about basic shapes of all kinds of knitted garments. Brenda suggests that knitters hold on to that first sweater like a secret treasure. I did indulge in that practice for a few years but I just rid my closet of this one a couple of months ago because I am not allowed to keep unwearable items regardless of sentimental value. A digital image takes up much less clutter. The dear top was knitted from double stranded Red Heart, couldn't be blocked, had too tight a head hole, and was to short. But I loved it while it lasted. So, that is one of my firsts.

Then, I promised to share a first on behalf of a brillant visitor to the Garden. Ah, my friend Kvitchnstitch (spelling? Seema?). We have all agreed that this bag is the most amazing felted bag yet to come from our ilk and stock (and there have been some really incredible yarns made at the Yarn Garden). This project is her first bag and first felted item. Isn't it brillant? Apparently, some of the secret to her design success is hunting down cute jeans with ugly belts included that could double as excellent handles. (She let me do the finishing and complete her design dream.)

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