Monday, November 13, 2006

Book love

I did not get very much further on my planned sets of Fetching. The weekend was a lot busier than I figured that it would be. Time is flying by too quickly, as it always does at this time of year. I saw a most depressing symbol of the waning time left for 2006: while I was wondering around Walmart as I wasted time getting an inconveniently popped tired repaired, I saw a sign above the main enterance that read "Saturdays Until Christmas: 6". I let out a blood curdling scream, silently, of course.

Since I do not have any FO to show off, I am going to share my Monday morning indulgence with you. There are tons of new needling books out! I followed my craving to pull all of them off the shelf and cuddle up in a Barnes and Noble cushy chair. I did not follow my craving to purchase any or all of them (trying to reduce and was just looking to be inspired, regardless of too may UFO's already in existence). I took pictures of a few of the more tempting items. Jennie Atkinson's Romantic Style was such a joy to flip through. I didn't have an overwhelming need to buy it (yet) but it is a beautifully crafted set of designs that really showcase femininity and a set photographs that transport you to a time far gone by.

Judith Durant's One Skein Wonders is an honest book. This book is the book that I wanted to see when I read "one skein" in a title. Though a few of the projects that caught my eye used fairly large skeins, it still really was one skein each. Correct me if I am wrong.
On with the needling - Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching is a really useful, well done literary item. It is mostly simply stated, well designed line drawings that are easy to access since it spiral bound. This type of stitching is precisely the type of embroidery that inspires me to dive into the DMC - useful, quick, and easy to show off. It won't be long before I decide that I really cannot live any longer without this book. (I think that I have to promise some de-cluttering and some more FO's before I can give in to the desire.) If you haven't done any or much embroidery before, then I suggest taking Amazon's recomendation to purchase her Stitch-It Kit as well.

Now for the piece d'resistance: this book was the only one that I really had to have a stern internal dialogue about how it would be unwise to spend the measly $16.95 today (you know, part of my car payment money; but since I see it for an even more measly $11.53 on Amazon). I think I can wait, I think I can, I think I can...etc. What am I raving about?
Rachel Matthew's madcapped, British Hookorama. I love Knitorama and have plans to make some stuff someday from it. The stuff in both of these books are hilarious and somewhat useful. I really want adopt a copy and to bring her sister home to my Knitorama copy. Two of the hooked items that I am really drawn to are this baroque wig (if you saw the Leia wig, then enough said) and this Periodic Table vest (the vest has holes from radioactive experiments have eaten through it).
Anybody else seen any neat new or old books that they are lusting after or realized they couldn't live without and, therefore, purchased?

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We are the publisher of Rachael Matthews books and appreciate your enthusiasm in spending some of your car payment money!


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